Fashion: Still life fashion


Photo from the lookbook of shoemakers TEN&Co

I was thinking about the revival of the still life in art and because of that I can’t help but see still lives everywhere; this means I see them also in fashion campaigns, lookbooks and on blogs. There is something very nice about seeing clothes (and shoes) without people wearing them.

So, before I’m going to write about the symbolism in the still life in art (which I will do later this week), I’ll show you some ‘modern’ fashion still lives, if that makes sense to you. Do you think there is any symbolism in these still lives as well? (You can find them in lookbooks and many fashion bloggers create them as well, maybe without even knowing it?!) Hope you like them just as much as I do. Have a great weekend everyone!


Bag from Atem

Garance Dore

Composition in white made by Garance Dore

COS Stores

Cos Stores designed a pop-up store for the Salone del Mobile by French Design duo Bonsoir Paris


Photo from the look book of French label Sezane, photo via Miss Moss


Another look from Sezane

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