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Gerhard Richter

Family at the Seaside, 1964 150 cm x 200 cm, catalogue Raisonné: 35, oil on canvas

There is something so weird about these paintings of Gerhard Richter (1932). Richter, one of the greatest artist alive nowadays, calls these paintings Photograph paintings. I guess you thought at first that you were looking at a photograph, right? But, when you look closer, you see the weirdness. In a way, he is questioning the medium photography, and painting. He asks you the question, which one is better? The original photo (which you can’t see) or this painting? Or isn’t he questioning this at all? Is it art, when you copy a photograph like this? Richter himself says on his website:  “When I paint from a photograph, conscious thinking is eliminated. The photograph is the most perfect picture. It does not change; it is absolute, and therefore autonomous, unconditional, devoid of style. Both in its way of informing, and in what it informs of, it is my source.” 


Mrs Wolleh with Children, 1968 200 cm x 160 cm, catalogue Raisonné: 197-1, oil on canvas

Gerhard Richter

The Wende Family, 1971 150 cm x 125 cm, catalogue Raisonné: 302, oil on canvas

The interesting thing about Richter, is the fact that he creates completely different works. Because when you look at his abstract works below, you wouldn’t have guessed that it is from the same artist. He created this works at the same time of the great abstract painters, like Soll Lewitt (1928-2007) for example. I like both, I like his grids, fascinated by the rhythms of the colours, but I also love his realistic work. Maybe he is just a great painter because of the fact that he is intangible?

gerhard richter

1024 Colours, 1973 254 cm x 478 cm, Catalogue Raisonné: 350-4, enamel on canvas

Gerhard Richter

180 Colours, 1971 200 cm x 200 cm, catalogue Raisonné: 300-3, oil on canvas

Anyway, one last thing I would like to show you, the trailer of a documentary about him. The trailer makes me even more curious, so I’ve looked up where you can see his works now in real life. Well, that’s almost everywhere, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, USA etc. Click for all his exhibitions here.

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