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Anna and Papa

It’s been a long while since I’ve come here and wrote a post about art, design or fashion. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t seen anything I liked, or would love to write about. I’ve been in New York and in London recently, and of course there was a lot to discover, to see and to be inspired by. Especially in London, because visiting the Wedding Dresses exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum was fantastic, even as our visit to Tate Modern for the cut-outs from Matisse.

So why didn’t I write about that? Maybe it is the fact, that the last couple of months, the whole bloggin experience, and the internet as a whole, started to irritate me a little bit I guess. Internet is all about sending messages into the world, hoping someone will read it and pick it up. Most blogs are about this, there is no room for discussion (or very little), and there is not really real communication besides sending some pictures on the web into the world. The more I visit all these kind of blogs, the more I realized, this is not the way I want to communicate actually. Just sending, nothing contributing to the world, or adding some value in the posts…Maybe it doesn’t make sense to you what I’m writing about, but I’m just trying to explain why there is such a lack of activity here in the last couple of months.

Just to illustrate it a little: I’ve been writing some posts about art in the past, just highlighting some great work of artists around the world. That’s how many of the blogs work, because people tell you not to write too much, people will get bored. But art, especially the  great art, deserves it to be written about, in a deep and comprehensive way. How would you otherwise understand why Mark Rothko is such a great artist if you don’t understand what his work is about? Or how difficult it is to make his work? How can someone really understand how gorgeous the dresses are made by the big couture houses in the world, if you don’t hear something about the way these dresses are made? How much work and how much time there is involved, and that they are also really a work of art in itself, and that’s the reason they are that expensive? I sometimes miss the depth in articles on the web. And depth doesn’t mean that everything must be overanalyzed, or that you never can send some pictures in the world by the web. In a way it must be balanced.

This week I was at a conference about education in The Netherlands. I listened to a woman who was giving a presentation without any powerpoint, youtube movies or whatsoever. Because, she said, sometimes it is good just to listen and dream away. Let your mind work and not be abstracted by photos or little movies. This post is about that, about the fact that everything sometimes just need to slow down a little bit. At least for me it needs. So, therefore, a promise made by me. I’ll write less on the blog but hopefully with a little more depth, hoping to inspire you with beautiful things and the stories behind them.

In the picture you see my father with my sister, little Anna, curious as always. That’s the drive for this blog, to say carpe diem and to be always fascinated and curious.

Wish you all a happy father’s day!

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4 thoughts on “Diary | Carpe Diem

  1. Annelien says:

    Mooie foto! succes met de volgende posts XXX

  2. Elzemieke says:

    Dat zijn mooie, wijze woorden, Esmee. Elzemieke

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