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Fashion: Harper’s Bazaar


The Consensus of Opinion, Article in Harper’s Bazaar, Photograph by Man Ray, March 1936

I love reading magazine’s, of course, but there is one thing I miss in today’s magazines. And that’s really interesting art direction. I have the feeling that in the old days, it was more special and more artistic than nowadays. Alexey Brodovitch (1898 – 1971) was one the most iconic art directors of the magazine Harper’s Bazaar. Born in Russia, he fled to Paris during the October Revolution. For more than 20 years, from 1934 – 1958, he was the one responsible for the art direction of Harper’s Bazaar. Brodovitch was one of the first who integrate image and text. Do you see how the text follows the dresses of the models? Beautiful isn’t it?

If you’re interested, there is a book about his work, published by Phaidon.


If you don’t like full skirts… Article in Harper’s Bazaar, Photographs by George Hoyningen-Huene 
March 1938


The Ultra Violets, Article in Harper’s Bazaar, Photographs by Richard Avedon, published in the last issue directed by Brodovitch, August 1958


Portfolio 3, 1951, For the third cover Brodovitch reproduced strips of film from a movie by Herbert Matter


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Fashion: The art of a good cover

Recently I’ve bought this great book about all the covers of the American Vogue, written by Dodie Kazanjian & Hamish Bowles (you can find it here). I shared it already on my twitter account, maybe you’ve seen it there already. I think a good cover is very important for every magazine, and especially the old ones are really, really beautiful. They’re more a form of art than the covers of today I think. Nowadays the cover is much more prescribed, in a way that the letters they use are always the same, it feels like the cover is much more a formula. (There is of course plenty of room to create new things within those boundaries, but they do miss the glamour of the old ones sometimes, don’t you think?).

I’ll show you my favourites of the book, and some of the covers of the magazines I like today. Some are still a piece of art, look at the cover of the Dutch L’Officiel with topmodel Saskia de Brauw. I love it that it is just the photo, with no announcements about the inside of the magazine on it and that it changes when you hold it in your hands. A good cover is interesting to watch, and has a good use of colour, so that it is in balance, without being boring. The Harper’s Bazaar cover is very good in his use of color, just as the Vogue ones (the old and the new ones). The Vogue cover of the sixties is just amazing, would love to see such a cover today on a magazine. Enjoy your day!

Vogue cover of June 1965 photograph of Brigitte Bauer by Irving Penn

Vogue cover March 1927, illustration of Lee Miller by Georges Lepape

Dutch Vogue May 2012

Dutch Vogue July/August 2012

Dutch L’ Offciel April/May 2012 with Dutch model Saskia de Brauw

Harper’s Bazaar July 2012

– All pictures made by me –

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