Graphic design


My most recent stuff, some new patterns I designed. Hope you like it!

patroon 2.2

patroon 1

patroon 5



business cards 2

After a long, long time, they’re finally here. My own business cards. Pretty hard to catch the green color of the letters of the design, but I hope you’ll get a good idea. Enjoy the rest of your day!

PS. Many thanks to Ankie Stoutjesdijk, the graphic designer who worked with me on the cards!

business cards 3

business cards 1

business cards4


invitation 5

After a little silence on the blog, due to all sort of reasons, today a new post with a new category! Graphic design made by me…Besides writing about art, fashion and design, I also like to design things myself. From now on, you will see more of my own work on the blog. In the menu above, there is also a new page, Graphic design. Some of you have seen this lyric line already on my twitter account (@annageemag) or on the Facebook page of AnnaGee. Today I’m going to show you more of this design and I’m very excited about that. I’ve used the sentence of the song on a wedding invitation, with a combined offset print in mint with gold foil stamping in the middle. I especially like the fact that the gold only shimmers when you hold it in a certain way, or directly into the light. The inspiration for the invitation came from old Vogue covers, especially the ones from the twenties. The word Huwelijk, is the Dutch word for Marriage or Wedding.

Hope you like it, very curious to hear what you think..

invitation 2

invitation 6

invitation 3

All images courtesy of AnnaGee

2 thoughts on “Graphic design

  1. Clair hassard. says:

    Good morning. I’ve just come upon your site after watching a documentary on blumenfelds last night and searching how to contact the family foundation. You have my favourite saying in gold type “the bright side of life”. I like your work its clearly influenced by the Deco period and has a fine, clean quality about it. I work with the photographer Terry O’Neil and am looking for a designer to work with some iconic images for a high end t-shirt collection. Perhaps you could contact me Regards. Clair.

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